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Horrible Review LINLINE, writing patient lechivsheysya line in lines of leadership:

I visited the center LINLINE to Voronezh. I did nanoperforatsiyu 2 scars, contour plastic, removal of tattoos.
Until all the procedures have been 1 time. I not only greatly disappointed but suffered a big shock.

Very disappointed in the treatment of scars - the result is almost invisible, that would achieve the desired
results need to pass 20 sessions, probably (nanoperforatsii.) And this is not the promises of advertising. The clinic were photos
patients with an indication of exactly how many sessions they got this result. And what I saw there - in fact,
in my case was not true. Thank God no worse.

Very disappointed in the session contouring (1 syringe) - looks like the wrinkles remained, but around the entire area kicking lumps.
I find it hard to call it beautiful. The result is not particularly scary, just "so-so".

To remove a tattoo - I have just a shock.

First, these fabulous spots where the paint is right in front of a tattoo is lost during
procedures - just ... I do not know how you can find expression ... brazen deception and fraud.

Secondly. My doctor (to which I have by the way, there are no claims, as taught her, so she and procedures
performs in advertising because it is not cheating latter-day patients) tried to deal with my tattoo three different lasers, to see where that would be the best result. Now the wounds heal.
I realized 2 areas with certain lasers successfully healed, the tattoo remains the same (the doctor had warned that it would be possible
brighter, 2 months will fade). But in the latter area - there were deep scars
the shape of my worst in a miserable scorpion tattoo! Are You? SCARS! When the advertisement states that no scar - a unique method!
I sit here and just cry. Not only that, I had a terrible tattoo, so now it has to form a scar! And explain to you, that I myself
picking a wound or something else does not pass, do not even try! Because I podkovyrivala ALL wound healing at the end (I even their doctor podkovyryal at the reception), with all procedures, as do all of the patients
(So ​​itchy, painful and interfere with) people are not robots - that they had not been touched. PIERCING AND ALL I HAVE had healed perfectly, except for this area!
As I understand it was a deep wound inflicted by the last laser. That's it. I was mutilated and I'm in shock.

The doctor suggested yesterday nanoperforatsiey handle this area to make it smooth. I refused, because I have not yet healed, and that the wound all the time
very ill. Agreed that processed the next reception. But the next day I razglyadla entire scar (tattoo behind the ear, it is even difficult to consider the two mirrors).
I do not believe that this will result - another small scar (which incidentally less deep), where we tried nanoperforatsiyu result of 1% of the 100 and it is
just plain does not work.
My pritenzii:

1. I mutilated - caused flowing scars from what I Cynics where treat scars did not expect. I certainly understand that the arm or leg I poteryalya, but still the situation is disgusting.
2. fraud in advertising to lure patients:
- Tattoos erased completely wrong, as in the magical movie.
- No description, that man will take after the procedure - cake, how many days will hold on, and so I think that must be present in fairy rolikah.potomu to walk as many days on the job
with crusts on the face I had not planned.
- In advertising does not indicate that your results may be not quite so magical, as in advertising, for all sorts of reasons there.
- In a book of photos, but for how many procedures specified person got this result, and on the website and in the videos - no.
And this gives rise to the way your employees with complaints of patients say
"And we have not specified how many procedures you can get a good result." And actually stated and I remembered where - in a book with photographs of patients on the table at the reception.

My suggestions are:

1. financially compensate my suffering without trial, by mutual agreement, the return of the money (cents)
I paid - and got the scars, I was not satisfied.
2. dolechit at your expense or injury caused me to sponsor their treatment at another clinic. I don `t know if I dare you dolechivatsya
and at the same time I do not know where else output scars so proper to you and asked.

Thank you for your understanding. Waiting for suggestions.


Photo Review, a review of LINLINE photographs confirming letter:


Contour plastic to Contour correction procedure itself
Highslide JS Highslide JS
Patient age 30 years, expression lines (nasolabial folds) Contouring painful injections, and then another week in their place will be bruising
Contour correction after (silicone injections) Scar treatment of eyebrow piercing BEFORE
Highslide JS Highslide JS
The effect of contouring small, but expensive Scars from puncture failed eyebrows
PROCEDURE scar treatment (laser nanoperforatsiya) Treatment of scars (laser)
Highslide JS Highslide JS
Cauterizing laser skin is painful, painful form crusts that hold 7 days After the first treatment effect of treatment at a minimum, after the second the same result
Treatment of atrophic scars BEFORE Treatment Procedure (laser cosmetology)
Highslide JS Highslide JS
The scar from the removal of nitrogen mole Laser treatment - a painful procedure with a crust
Treatment scar removal moles AFTER  
Highslide JS


Result of laser perforation minimum - the same invisible "Nano"  
  Tattoo Removal Procedure
Highslide JS Highslide JS
  Tattoo removal is very painful procedure to form a crust. Withdrawal tattoo, tattoo reduction.
The bottom line:
- In a letter from the management there was no answer. Proposal by Mrs. Julia Frangulovoy with feedback to offer all to understand for all patients - just a gimmick
- This review at the official site of course does not appear, it is banned. Because there are only shown good reviews
- Doctors of only convinced that now is about plenochki formed on the scar from the tattoo itself all delayed and offered dolechivatsya for your money or not to come
- Do not believe the commercials LINLINE - this is pure deception, your procedure will not be as successful, they will be several times more and they are many times more expensive so
- Tattoo removal with no scars LINLINE - brazen deception
- No money will be returned to you will not be. The phrase "we will immediately refund your money on demand by our fault" - another publicity stunt. Achieve from LINLINE though something is possible only through the court that long, expensive and nerve-wracking
Other negative comments about the procedures in LINLINE:
In finalizing the ...
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