The man and the woman. What them irritates in attitudes and in each other?

Recently there was a wedding, the honeymoon has ended, there have come family workdays... And soon in cares of a life features of behaviour of the spouse or spouses start to deduce you from themselves, harmless, seemen earlier amusing. So irritates men and women in each other more often?
More often women are dissatisfied in men, when they...

- Scatters, where not попадя the socks.

- Constantly is lost in contemplation of another's female dignity of a figure.

- The car " more, than it " loves.

- Goes on fishing, trainings, a frequent sit-round gathering with friends.

- Often looks sports transfers, tracks the championships and Olympiads.

- Drinks in the evenings or on walks beer, being justified, that there was a heavy day or very much hot.

- Brings from shop at all those products which it asked.

- Does not remember birthdays, the important events and memorials.

- Shirk house efforts and tasks - cleaning and cooking of food.

- If to ask it to sit with the child it all will make " not as it is necessary ".

- Very strongly values respect among men.

- Hides a part of the salary.


More often men irritates in women and marriage...


- All perceives words not adequately and consequently constantly takes offence.

- Hours to turn before a mirror, even when all already strongly are late.

- Long about what talks to the girlfriend via phone.

- Shirks a matrimonial duty.

- Long and often takes baths.

- Loves dances and other.

- Dresses short skirts and causing clothes.

- Reproaches with the small salary.

- Constantly calls on work and impedes it.

- Prevents meetings with friends.

- On the house its long hair everywhere are scattered.

- Deduces why it takes offence, when it does not sit senselessly near to it on a sofa, and is engaged in the hobby.

- Offends, gives unpleasant nicknames to the car, and plays a trick on its quivering attitude to the car.