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Go to the website  

translate it into the language of the country (at the top of the site)

- Sign up 

- Add your favorite profitable things with free delivery to any city in the world to cart



- Enter your address. you can chat with company managers in English and their native language.

- Select your delivery method successful purchase. Chinese-mail basically completely free, but is 20-30 days for the post office. EMS (door to door) - expensive, but it comes in just 10-18 days to your home.

- Pay by credit card or other means.

- For 1 - 3 days you place your order inexpensive clothing and send to the specified address. You can track your parcel number that will be assigned (tracker) on the sites until you get it to a special e-mail sites. 14-30 days you pick your purchase at the post office will deliver it to you or even to your door!


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