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Become a dealer, you just need to register on the site!
Open the business, the business - order very cheap and high quality clothing wholesale direct from China.
Quick and easy - to order your own - it's very simple.
Resell, trade and make profit at least 100% mark-up!
Successfully earn with us! clothing wholesale with free shipping
Will do everything for you! - You no longer have to worry about the customs.
We are professionals and open the doors to China! .


Delivery to any city or town of the World!

order from one thing to a big party! offer:

Men's, women's, children's, youth, wedding dresses
Evening dresses, jackets, coats, skirts, shorts, jeans, tops and T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, boleros, hoodies, leggings
Shoes, fashion bags
shoes, ballet flats, platforms, sandals, winter, spring and autumn shoes, boots, shoes, clogs, clutch bags, travel bags
Underwear, beautiful jewelery, various accessories
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our incomparable advantages:

Our company owns its own factories in China and produces more than 30,000 different headings for you. We all know that the majority of similar goods sold at retail at a premium of up to 200%, so it is beneficial to order directly from the site at wholesale prices.

1. A wide range of clothing, every day websites are updated with new positions.
2. Strict adherence to fashion trends.
3. Very reasonable prices. You will never find such prices in retail stores for things like that. Our products are very different design, style and quality.
4. Good service, easy navigation through the site. Sweepstakes and discounts.
5. Convenient delivery: China Post, EMS, very cheap shipping by sea. Making comes to any city within 18-25 days.
6. Good quality for this price. Also, things are well tolerated wash: do not shed, do not stretch.


differences and peculiarities, the pros and cons of our sites for entrepreneurs:



The price already includes shipping charges for customs documents, such as collecting the certificate of origin and the invoice.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, you can return the money back if the parcel is not sent!

Within 5 to 6 days you place your order and send to the address. You can track your parcel number, which you will be assigned (tracker) on special postal sites until you get it.
After 14-30 days of purchase you'll take in your post office will deliver it to you or even to your door! ( )

profitable maritime transport of small orders
You can enter additional codes for a discount on first order


DEAR BUYERS! after you receive your parcel - confirm on sites in the menu with the order number that you received it!


 tips on how you can resell our products:

- Through your own store, a department in the mall Pavilion at the central market
- Through Your Store
- Organizer of the joint or individual purchase on the site "joint procurement of the city"


Go shopping at the
buying wholesale with free shipping
Go shopping at the
buying wholesale with free shipping




The site operates the following discount policy for our partners (the system of discounts)
You buy (pay) on our website product (net production is taken into account, without the cost of shipping), you get za1 USD 1 point, when you gain the appropriate amount of points we give you a discount.


0-1000 0
Honorary buyer BRONZE 1001-3000 5%
Honorary buyer SILVER 3001-6000 10%
Honorary buyer GOLD 6001-1 000 000 15%

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