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1. Why e-cigarettes?

Atomizer, charges heats a fluid that is in the cartridge, which could result in nicotine vapor. They are mixed with the inhaled air, in the end there is steam, which resembles smoke. Pieces of nicotine that are paired, are absorbed by the body, settling in the mouth and throat, not like tobacco smoke, which comes from burning, and settles in the lungs of a smoker.
Electronic Cigarette contains no tar substances and carcinogens.
Do not condemn others to passive smoking, because it does not emit harmful fumes. Opportunity to smoke in public places. It may help to quit smoking, using a gradual decrease in nicotine in the cartridge. Allows you to save money on cigarettes, about 60% of the funds during the year. There is no threat of fire, fire, burn holes. Has no odor - clothes, carpet machines, the room did not smell like smoke. 2. Why e-cigarettes are not harmful to health?
Cartridges for Electronic Cigarette contains propylene glycol, nicotine, natural extracts of tobacco leaves, different flavors - depending on taste - identical to the natural cigarettes. Not one of these components does not cause the formation of cancer cells and does not produce resinous substances. WHO claims that propylene glycol is quite safe, as well as nicotine in low concentration, which is contained in the cartridge of the electronic cigarette.

3. Suitable for electronic cigarette?

All individuals who smoke daily cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and are aware of the negative effects of smoking cigarettes (cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease). Heavy smokers who have health problems caused by smoking, but it is difficult to get rid of this habit. Everyone who is forced to smoke in the company of other persons (the so-called third parties) and realize that they are subjected to passive smoking. Those who work in places where the ban on smoking causes great hardship and suffering. For those who would try to get rid of this bad habit. Not recommended:
Persons younger than 18 years. Individuals who have an allergy to nicotine (or other components of cigarettes). Lactating and pregnant women 4. Which model to choose?
All makes and models of e-cigarettes in our market, and not only produced in China, respectively, their quality varied, however, it is best to choose a model on which the guarantee is given, at least three months. The proposed equipment made the biggest and best factory in the world, that in itself is a guarantee of quality, which is reflected in the long run trouble-free operation, bringing with complete satisfaction from everyday use. The models are equipped with batteries, manual and automatic. Manual battery has a button, through which the electronic cigarette is included, this is the best technical solution for this type of device, because in each case, we adapt the method of its use for our needs. An additional advantage is also the most resistant to damage (eg, unwanted spill liquid on the battery), prevented the unauthorized inclusion (leading to a rapid discharge of batteries), ease in tightening. (Captions below the figure: a device with a manual battery, cartridge, atomizer, a button (including battery), battery, diode). In the automatic battery no buttons, it has an electronic circuit, which includes the battery yourself. This decision has its pros and cons: no need to remember to press the button that would launch the device, unfortunately, this implies the emergence of a delayed effect, which causes the impression that the device is working properly, or wicked, should put more effort to tighten, the ability to unwanted shedding of fluid leads to deterioration. (Captions below the figure: a device with an automatic battery, cartridge, atomizer, battery, diode).

5. As far as one cartridge?

Different brands and types of cigarettes contain different amounts of nicotine. 1.5 drops of liquid replaces a conventional cigarette - for a moderate smoker. At the same time with a strong tightening longer goes to the "smoke", so efficiency is reduced.
Warning: the value drops depends on the pipette, in our 1 ml contains 25 drops.
The cartridge contains 15-20 drops, which corresponds to 10-16 cigarettes.
The choice of 4 types of cartridges:
Strong (High): the nicotine content of approx. 18 mg
Medium (Medium): the nicotine content of approx. 11 mg
Low (Low): the nicotine content of approx. 6 mg
Zero (Zero): the nicotine content of approx. 0 mg

6. Liquids and their productivity

Liquid filling cartridges, respectively, are classified High, Medium, Low, Zero - strong, medium, low, beznikotinovye.
Range of tastes - very rich, you need to individually select the correct one. Liquids are available in bottles of 10 ml.
A bottle of 10 mg. (PLN 20), which corresponds to 8 pack of cigarettes (64-80 PLN).

7. How much to save, e-cigarette eating?

The most economical use fluid to replenish the ink cartridge, 1 ml of liquid - 25 drops of it. 1.5 drop of liquid is about one cigarette. 10 ml (PLN 20) - it drops 250, which corresponds to more than 160 cigarettes (8 packs). 8 packs of cigarettes cost 64-80 zloty. Savings - is huge, if to take away the cost of the device and consumables, the savings compared with smoking regular cigarettes will be 50-60% (data confirmed moderate smokers).
Savings can be increased even up to 65-70%, if used rationally. Electronic cigarette not be delayed many times, as usual cigarette. Enough of 5.3 puffs and nicotine hunger will be satisfied - sometimes missing one puff. When lighting a cigarette usual, we want it or not, but was finishing it before the end.

8. Little smoke, what to do?

Electronic cigarette does not need to inhale much as normal cigarettes. Initially, when the cartridge is full, to produce more smoke, in time, when the amount of fluid decreases, the smoke becomes less. Success also depends on the vaporization of the state of charging the batteries, correct usage, or 3-5 puffs, and the content in a portable charger (pack) will allow us to keep the battery charged enough.
If the battery is charged less than the unit produces less smoke. If you produce less smoke - ends with a liquid. Replacement cartridge. If after changing the cartridge once the smoke a little - and charging the battery. Sometimes the cartridge is full, the battery is charged, and the smoke is not produced; probably wool got off the receiver down and did not come into contact with the spiral filament atomizer, so evaporation is impossible. Replace wool, if it is worthless.
How to clean the atomizer and is it necessary?
During operation, accumulate near the spiral filament non-volatile liquid particles. As you use them to become more, in clogs the atomizer at the end and he does not smoke, you should immediately clean the atomizer:
Quick clean up the atomizer is that it would blow out of the thread. Deep cleaning (washing): pour ca. 15 ml of alcohol in a glass, put atomizers in alcohol for 15 minutes. That would be dissolved contamination. Dial alcohol into the syringe and held the needle to the spiral filament and to the holes and enter the atomizer - jet alcohol will dissolve, and bring the dirt from the filament grid, as well as with the external surfaces of the atomizer. Repeat this action several times. After that, shake a few times, that would be alcohol flowed from the atomizer. Dry, such as a disposable paper towel and leave to dry. The spiral filament, type 2, a drop of liquid and paste cartridge. The first few puffs can not cause the formation of "smoke", but do not worry, it's okay, the smoke should appear on subsequent tightening.
Remember, always after cleaning the atomizer to drip 2 drops of a spiral filament that would not work on the device dry.
Attention: the spiral bulbs has a special structure that allows the absorption of fluids. It is impossible to deform, damage. Protect from a stroke. Should treat him gently.

9. How to replenish the liquid cartridge.

Add liquid - very simple, and pull the cartridge drip fluid on cotton.
Caution: Do not be burned to a dry cotton wool. When bad is the smoke, add the liquid.

10. The liquid enters the mouth, it is dangerous?

It happens that during the filling liquid, rather than what would fall into the receiver gets into the mouthpiece, or during sudden and severe tightening of the solution is poured from the receiver. The liquid enters the mouth. This can cause irritation. It is not dangerous. If this happens, immediately cleanse the mouthpiece. In the meantime, if you have the conditions and time, we recommend you also clean the atomizer. It can also occur if the wool in the receiver loses the ability to absorb liquid. It is recommended to change the wool every third time you fill the sink with liquid.

11. What can I do to get rid of pouring the liquid from the receiver?

Add liquid only up to a total absorbency of cotton. Avoid that would linger over the liquid with cotton wool.
Cotton wool should fill the cartridge to the upper bound of the receiver. The liquid can pour out when the wool in the liquid receiver loses the ability to absorb. It is recommended to change the wool every third time you fill the sink with liquid.
If the battery is weak, the unit produces little steam, and tightening of the fluid may come out with the steam and cause the fluid entering the mouth. During the operation a little liquid can condense on the walls of the mouthpiece. Purged from time to time the mouthpiece.
Try to feel the electronic cigarette and adjusted by tightening, too much procrastination is often the cause of liquid into the mouth.

12. How to clean the mouthpiece receiver fluid and cotton?

Cleaning - simple, wash the cartridge with a paper towel wipe the outer side of the receiver. Vata is attached to the bottom of the receiver, when losing their properties. It is better replaceable cartridge. However, if you persevere, you can use it on, you only have to replace cotton, wool and take out the power of a new thrust to the receiver.

13. Where to buy wool, when and how to replace?

Vata, which is used in the receiver fluid has a specific absorption and elasticity. When cotton is losing some of these properties, you should replace it. Smokers often use electronic cigarettes perlonovuyu wool to replace, it is available to pet stores, where it is used for filtering. Cut out ribbon width of about 2.5 mm from the leaf filter wool. Next cut a piece that will be twice the capacity of the receiver, and put in a capital letter «V», put it in the sink - all ready for filling.
Warning: very thick wool in the receiver interferes with the absorption of fluid through the filament, at the same time threatens to be too thin spillage.

14. Is it difficult to switch to electronic cigarettes?

No, switching to electronic cigarettes is almost painless, without side effects such as irritability, nicotine starvation, etc. On the first day of use of electronic cigarettes smoked by the number of cigarettes should be reduced by one third, and this without any effort. In the next few days you get used to even greater use of electronic cigarettes and the number of cigarettes smoked has decreased.
Instructions for using the electronic cigarette packs, charging, for example, Nickols 110 gold, Nickols 110 Platinum, Nickols 120 Platinum, Nickols 110 Bronwood, Nickols 110 Rosenwood

A stack-charging Nickols is a portable device designed for simple battery.

1. Pack-charging Nickols can be charged anywhere. You can connect to the 220V, use a computer (USB) or car cigarette lighter.
2. A button on the side of the device used to open the package.

After opening the pack put the battery, atomizer and spare cartridges into the holes of the stack. Charge time is 4:00 devices
A stack-charging can be recharged up to 5 times the battery cigarettes.
Battery charging time is 1.5 hours.
In the lower part of the unit is charging, three LEDs, each of which performs a different function:
The upper bulb. If the red LED lights - is charging. If the LED is not lit, it indicates that the battery is fully charged. Central light informs that pack a low charge, and it must be connected directly to the charge. Lower LED bulb. A red LED means that the pack is charging. Change the color of the green LED means that the pack is fully charged and can be disconnected from the power supply.

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