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Jewellery is very important to polish girls' beauty,which has magic power to bring a plain girl into a gorgeous and hot girl.Not only do you wholesale jewellery of a wide variety of unusual designs that are often entirely unique,you also could become wholesale jewellery supplies here.We select distinctive and charismatic designs to bring you beautiful and unusual jewellery to suit every taste. We hope you will be impressed both by our service and the unusual jewellery designs.

Wholesale jewellery Bracelets
price: US$ 2.04  
Wholesale jewellery Necklaces
price: US$ 1.56  
Wholesale jewellery Pendants
price: US$ 1.13  
Wholesale jewellery Earrings
price: US$ 0.98  
Wholesale jewellery Rings
price: US$ 0.80  
Wholesale jewellery Bangles

price: US$ 0.52

Wholesale jewellery Watches

price: US$ 0.72

Wholesale jewellery Brooches &  Anklets

price: US$ 2.12


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About us

Welcome to! is an online fashion clothing wholesaler. We are suppliers of many wholesalers and boutiques worldwide.

We are legally registered as a private company in ZHEJIANG, CHINA, and have received business license from CHINA government. Purchase at indicates safe and well-managed trade.

We supply most fashionable clothing & Korean style ladies apparel internationally. We understand that fashion market wants unique and special ladies clothes, so we are always adding beautiful new styles to our collection. Please come and visit our site regularly to see what we have updated. We pride on offering exceptional low wholesale price but good quality at the same time. We provide fantastic service and still work hard to improve.

We have our own factory in Linhai, Zhejiang. also, in order to provide more styles(more than 6000 styles ),we ally with many clothing manufacturers specializing in producing export clothing in SHANGHAI,GUANGZHOU and ZHEJIANG of China, which enables us to provide trendy styles in massive amount and in remarkably low wholesale price. Now we are the best supplier to wholesalers, retailers and boutiques online or entities shops all over the world. We have large quantity of clients especially from:

East Europe Countries ,e.g.  Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Romania, etc.
Africa, e.g. Egpyt
North America, e.g. USA
Europe, e.g. France, Germany, UK, Spain
Oceania, e.g. Australia, New Zealand
Southeast Asia
, e.g. Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, etc

We offer large variety of clothing styles including: winter jackets and coats for women, party dresses, cute T-shirts, Hot ladies tank tops, Sexy Halter Tops, stylish outer wears, charming under covers, sporty sets, romantic Love Pearls and accessories, elegant evening gowns, fine quality tailor made wedding gowns. We bring you an amazing assortment of products in many brands and styles, and 90% similarity with clothing on famous fashion magazines.

Because of our fantastic goods and service, 90% of our new customers would place their next orders. We are one of the most reliable fashion wholesalers and want to create long-term and concrete relationship with our customers. Welcome to cooperate with us! Sincerely looking for our long-term partners!

About payment

We accept four ways of payment:
(1) Paypal / Credit card / Debit card
(2) Western union
(3) Bank transfer(T/T)
We don't accept payments by Moneybookers and Moneygram at present.

You can make payment by Credit card / Debit card via Paypal.
As soon as submitting the order, you can see the payment information.
Caution for Paypal: We don't accept the payment that the one who makes payment is in different countries from the consignee.

Frequently asked questions about payment

1. I want to make payment by Credit card but dont want to register paypal account, is that OK?
Yes, sure, its OK. You can just choose to pay by Paypal, then click pay button and there will be a webpage for you to enter your credit card information. If anybody used Paypal in your computer before, you need to clean all the cache of your browser, then can pay by Credit card successfully. Heres a guideline on how to operate it:

2. I have credit balance from my previous order, but how can I use it in my new order?
When pay your order, there will be an option you can choose to use your balance.

3. Why is there only US price in your website? Im not from USA how can I pay you US dollars?
US dollar has the best negotiability in the world. Every currency can be exchanged to US dollars.
So if your primary currency is not USD, you can still pay us USD in Paypal. For Western union, other currencies will be exchanged to USD then be transferred to us. For T/T, you can also pay us US dollars.

4. Why the amount you received is less than what I paid in Bank?
Besides transaction fee in the bank you make transfer, also, there may be some third party Bank charging you in the process. Thats because, if the bank in which you make payment has no business relationship with our bank, then payment may be sent to a third party bank first, and then send to our bank. If that happens, the third party will charge the transaction fee from the payment, so the payment time will be longer and the amount we receive will be less than the amount you pay.


1. What delivery company you use?
We have China Registered mail, EMS, Fedex, DHL, Hong Kong air mail, DPEX, Aramex Special Express, sea shipping.

2. How about your shipping fee?
Shipping fee is counted automatically by system base on parcel weight. Also we provide Air Cargo shipping, and sea shipping. You may see the details in About shipping

3. Why the shipping fee for my order so high /low?
Shipping fee bases on weight of parcel and destination. So the heavier your parcel is, the higher shipping fee you have to pay.

4. How long will it take to get my order?
Since receiving your payment, well start to prepare goods. Usually we take 2-3 days to finish the preparing and then send them out. If all your items are in stock, we'll send it in 24 hours after receiving your payment. But if several of your styles are out of stock provisionally, well take 3-5 days to get it from factory.

5. Why I can't check on website of EMS after receiving the tracking number?
EMS usually delays on updating the information on their website. So please be patient and check it some time later.

6. How can I know the shipping fee when picking goods?
All shipping fees are counted by our system. You can try to add the items to cart then click check out. Before submitting the order, you can see the shipping rate.

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Wholesale jewellery


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