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Product Reviews "solar panels for home" with photos:

Viktor07 (Ukraine): an instance of a well assembled ; tight pretty neat . Edge of aluminum parts . Connection unsplit, filled with sealant. Gorgeous portable charger for all sorts of devices ! The abundance of available adapters in the kit allows you to connect , perhaps, any consumer. Also on board is a built-in LiPo battery 2000 mA / h (capacity measured using iMAX B6). Very pleased with the solar panel - the maximum current from it reaches as much as 40 mA at midday sun on May 54th parallel . It is short-circuited . In the normal mode will be smaller - 30 milliamps . If you take away 10 milliamps to glow green LED , it remains as much as 20 milliamps for charging the battery from the sun during the entire 100 hours continuously burning light!
Charger output voltages are stabilized output boost converter with 5.5V and 9V , 4.2V unregulated voltage , direct access to the battery and solar panel.
In short, with the charge anybody in the campaign rainy weather did not terrible. Large capacity battery allows 1-2 times to charge a small cell phone.


maksims: awesome seller - class all the charges that are in the world . slim body , seemingly durable, 4 slots for various devices charge from sunlight and electricity networks , very comfortable inside the battery , even on a cloudy day like today all charges . On the road , in a campaign - by ship, plane , train, bus - you will not depend on anybody . Before making journeys on the train ever had to look for a working electrical outlet and taking into account that we train very old, and rosettes and often out of the question , had to remain without communication with this device is no longer afraid of no roads, no power outage . Also in the evening when there is no sun device helps too ) illuminate the road for example, through built-in LED flashlight. My recommendation is , if you find yourself in the situation described above (transport, hiking, power outages ) - this thing is for you to buy products tested .

dismailik (Russia): Got a thing arrived safe and sound. Build quality is excellent, charges a variety of small appliances - mp3 players, phones itp At the top there is a diode which glows green when the machine misses light. Tried to charge multiple teelfonov and mp3 player, it works with a bang! Sending reached in 58 days.

Make wholesale Chinese solar modules! Solar panels - as referred to colloquially as modules consisting of photovoltaic cells from Chinese manufacturers. Home solar system for lighting!

Solar panels to give wholesale! Solar panels for a country house in bulk directly from China with delivery to USA and Canada! Solar power for your home!

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