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BOOK Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner HHE-196409 & Mini Dust Cleaner w/ Mop Function and Two Strong Side Brushes Lower Noise Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner HHE-196408 at super competitive rates!

Robot cleaner

- Low noise level ( 50 dB )
- Works with ultraviolet sterilization and aromatization
- Four cleaning route : random , spiral, along the walls, polygonal spiral
- Cleaning is performed automatically
- Bumper sensors for sensing obstacles and pripyatstvy
- Fashionable appearance , good paint and slim design
- Energy saving
- Artificial Memory functions : intelligent vacuum cleaner can continue to finish the rest of the cleanup task after the end charging
- Two strong side brushes make cleaning more efficient and thorough
- High Perfomance environmental NiMH battery
- Net weight : 1270 g / 44.45 oz
- Size: 270 x 270 x 65 mm / 10.53 x 10.53 x 2.535 inches

Material: ABS Fire and antistatic
Rated power : 38 W
Vacuum Suction : 0.31 KPA
Air flow : 0.46 (L / S)
Input voltage : 100 ~ 220
Output voltage: 19V
Battery voltage : Ni-MH14.4V
Current battery : 800MAH
Charging time : 4H
Dust Cubic Capacity : 0.2 liter
Cleaning Route 4
Cleaning speed : 16.5-18.5 cm / sec

The set includes :
1 x Vacuums
3 x Dust ( paper )
2 x side brush
1 x filter
1 x Battery
1 x Dusting paper holder
1 x Charger Note: Right plug of adapter would be sent according to your country


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Catherine: When ordering two surprises awaited me . Hoover brought straight home after 3 weeks after ordering . Very happy! Quiet , small, hardworking tipster . Dust collects good, large debris do not recycle , of course. But since its appearance in the house I can see how I was clean. Releasing his "walk" every day and now shines floor , carpet clean! If you need to thoroughly clean the room , you have to close in one room for 10-15 minutes - all will be clean. If a door is opened , it will go on throughout the apartment, somewhere may forget to look . Paper dust is not used, it greatly affects the permeability. Without it, he quietly moved sills and carpets. I have a small child and a cat . Neither one nor the other are not afraid of the vacuum cleaner . One battery charge lasts for 55 minutes. In general, I recommend to those who do not rot on Yemeni daily cleaning . Life much easier .


Agnes: I bought a robot for your home at a surprisingly economical price, not expecting too much from him. Nevertheless, the robot, despite its simplicity, allows to collect all the dust parquet, like any other mop.

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