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What are boots


Treads are without heels and stilettos, suede, patent leather, leather, boots summer and winter, boots, boots above the knee and with a wide top. Now in stores you can find boots trimmed with rhinestones, straps, zippers, buttons and tassels. Treads wear with jeans, and leggings, and mini-skirts. Complement the image of ladies not long coat, scarf and big fun bag.


Female summer fashion hats


Tiny straw hats and hats with large fields, hats decorated with ribbons and artificial flowers which are for the stylish girl. Summer hats are not only romantic dress, but with a bathing suit, overalls and even summer jacket with short sleeves. For evening Lushe choose a hat in a strict, for example, black-and-white style for the weekend and enjoying the outdoors fit any hat of bright color and unusual style. What are the hats? Lots of styles: panama hat klosh, bowler, Fedor, boater, safari, of Texas hat, hat, Chinese hat ...

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Tie belt at waist


Fashion wide belts for several years in the trend. Knotted straps may be true (tie to the present), and with false eyeballs. Harness straps are made from natural and kozhzama, suede, fabric, weaving, yarn, etc. An unusually large belts of beads. Belts can also be decorated with rivets, studs, beads, imitation of a long nap.


Bow out of the hair on the head (hair)


Make a bow out of your own hair is quite difficult. Not only need to spend a lot of time, but have not dyuzhey skill and patience. Much easier to buy ready-made bow of artificial hair. They come in different colors, both natural and unnatural. These hair bows, hair clips are easy to use, equipped with zakolochnym mechanism and create with them unusual way a la Lady Gaga does not take much.


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Ring on a few fingers


One ring to two or several fingers are very creative. Designs are appropriate for the. There are double rings in the form of whiskers, skulls, horns, keys, anchors, etc. The only downside - it is they are not very comfortable to wear.


Unusual umbrella


Fashion has reached and this seemed normal and usual accessories like an umbrella. There are umbrella-tree, umbrella, kiwi, fully transparent umbrellas, umbrella for dogs, umbrellas, with a print of the sky, umbrella, heart umbrella on wheels, parasol "rose in a vase."

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Shoes and boots, high heels with platform


Today, shoes without heels on the platform can be seen not only on the catwalks, but also on the shelves of convenience stores. They may just be on the platform with little hooks, which betrayed more stability. Contrary to mean shoes and boots with high heels without heels on these very much more comfortable and stable than they look. These shoes not only make you higher, but the eye-catching bystanders. High shoes with the "broken off" heel became popular in 2008, after they appeared in public Victoria Beckham.


Hussar's jacket in a modern wardrobe


Jackets, coats and jackets hussar subjects (dolman, hussar uniform) at the height of fashion trends. The characteristic features of the garment - rosshivka bright, contrasting, often gold or silver thread, asymmetrical zipper and bead Zloty and silver buttons, stylish straps. Many believe the clothes in the style of a Hussar uniform tasteless and vulgar.



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