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Spanish deli meats, real Spanish wine, cider and sangria from Spain, Spanish spices


Best Spanish Online store food for gourmets! Natural eco-friendly products with no chemical additives, preservatives and dyes.
All products are sent strictly in vacuum packaging, which ensures complete safety until the arrival!


Cereal-Fed Iberian Ham - Julian Mairal

Aged sheep's milk cheese with rosemary - Buenalba


sparkling wine - Cava Agustí Torelló ‘Kripta’ - Brut Nature Gran Reserva

red wine - Aylés ‘Serendipia’ (Red) - Cariñena


pallet - Acorn-Fed Iberian Shoulder (Boned) - Estirpe Negra

Pallets - Acorn-Fed Pure Iberian Shoulder (Sliced)


liquor - Ruavieja - Pacharan

Sangria - Valdepablo

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Stand the ham / hamonera "Huelva" (the color of a walnut) - Buarfe

Valencian paella pan (polished steel) - Vaello (26 cě)

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almonds ‘Chichirimundis’ - El Barco Delice   Chocolate nougat "Hazelnuts" - El Barco Delice
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Peppers Piquillo, stuffed with cod and prawns - Conservas Serrano   Iberian pork pate - La Chinata
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Himalayan Salt with spices 'Fish' - La Chinata   Creamy rice with clams - Querida Carmen
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Natural virgin olive oil - La Chinata


morning chocolate - El Barco Delice

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Set sealed dispensers of oil and vinegar


Extra-flexible corrugated knife jamon ‘EuroChef Pro’- Martinez & Gascon



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